Initiatives for people and the environment

Living with and depending on nature

At some point, people started thinking that Japanese-made waribashi (disposable chopsticks) are bad for the environment. This applied even to our products, which are manufactured from thinned wood via a process that results in no waste, and then dried using absolutely no petroleum fuels. As a result, plastic chopsticks have been regarded as the more environmentally friendly choice.

However, we must properly manage and administer our forests to conserve these environments, including the usage of thinned wood, and carry out sustainable forestry. The effective usage of thinned wood helps revitalize forests and improve the environment, and also does not pose issues like microplastics.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agreed to by all United Nations member states are shared global targets towards 2030 to create a sustainable society that leaves no one behind. Iwaki Takahashi’s business can contribute to many of the 17 SDGs, and we are making particular efforts regarding the following nine.