Hinoki cypress pencils

Pencils made from northern hinoki cypress

Iwaki is the most northernmost place in Japan where hinoki cypress grows wild. We developed these pencils through a process of trial and error using thinned hinoki wood grown in this harsh environment.

Experience the refreshing fragrance of hinoki that drifts to your nose the second you sharpen this product, as well as the nostalgic feel of writing with a wooden pencil.

Original packaging and branding

Original hinoki cypress pencil sets with your name are perfect for novelty goods, sales promotion, gifts, giveaways, events, and more. Feel free to contact us to discuss the number in each set, how many sets, name branding, etc.

Original Iwaki Takahashi product

Iwaki Municipal Tabito No. 2 Elementary Minamiodaira Branch School was opened in 1885. The precious wooden one-story schoolhouse, which still retains vestiges of the past, was closed in 2014 because it was at risk of collapsing after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Iwaki Takahashi repaired the schoolhouse while leaving it as intact as possible, then began manufacturing pencils there using thinned wood from the nearby mountains. We hope you will enjoy the natural charm of wood and gentle fragrance each time you sharpen this pencil.

Kyuko Enpitsu (six 2B pencils)

Suggested retail price 500 yen (tax not included)
  • 2020 Gold Medal (top award), Copy/Naming Division, Fukushima Best Design Competition
  • 2020 New Tohoku Souvenir Contest prize