Our Business

Our Business

Iwaki Takahashi, a company that makes waribashi (disposable chopsticks) out of thinned wood to help revitalize forests, was founded in August 2010.

The Great East Japan Earthquake struck six months later. Our factory was damaged by large aftershocks that continued for around one month after the earthquake, and we were resigned to closing down our business. However, thanks to assistance from people outside the company, we were able to recover by making Kibo no Kakehashi, chopsticks made from thinned cedar wood from the three disaster-struck prefectures.

Waribashi manufacturing process

We carry out the entire manufacturing process, from raw material procurement to the finished product. Iwaki Takahashi’s fine-quality products are then carefully delivered to customers.

Bark removal

The bark is removed from thinned wood transported from mountain forests


The wood is cut with a chainsaw into pieces the length of two chopsticks


The wood is split into logs

Band saw

The logs are made into boards


The boards are dried with heat from a wood-fired boiler that burns defective wood and remnants

Flat sawing

The boards are cut into the length of one chopstick

Gang rip saw

The boards are cut into smaller pieces

Manufacturing equipment

The small boards are turned into chopsticks

Inspection, finished product

Each pair of chopsticks is checked for strength, finished, branded, and put into sets by hand


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